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Alice In Wonderland author's regret: Why Lewis Carroll hated being a legend that is literary

In accordance with a previously unseen letter that will soon be auctioned author Lewis Carroll despised fame a great deal he wished he previously never written the books about Alice's adventures that made him a literary legend

Lewis Carroll's life changed forever after Alice's Adventures In Wonderland was published GETTY

Within the mid-19th century an obscure mathematician called Charles Lutwidge Dodgson penned a range of learned works closely with titles such as for example A Syllabus Of Plane Algebraic Geometry together with Fifth Book Of Euclid Treated Algebraically.

5 years after the latter in 1865 he embarked on a radical change of direction.

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland was published underneath the pseudonym Lewis Carroll and his life changed for good.

Queen Victoria loved it, fan mail arrived because of the sackful and he began to be recognised in the pub.

This was sheer hell for a shy and retiring academic who doubled as an Anglican deacon in addition to extent of his torment is revealed the very first time in a previously unseen letter which is likely to fetch significantly more than Ј4,000 when it's auctioned at Bonhams month that is next.

When you look at the letter written to Anne Symonds, the widow of eminent Oxford surgeon Frederick Symonds, he laments being thrust into the public essay writer eye by his success and treated like a zoo animal by admirers.

He even suggests which he wishes he had never written the classic tales that brought him worldwide fame.

“All that kind of publicity contributes to strangers hearing of my real name in connection with the books, also to my being pointed out to, and stared at by strangers, and treated as a ‘lion’,” he wrote.